Cool Runnings 

“Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme!

Get on up, it's bobsled time! Cool Runnings!” 

Director: Navy coconut rum
Main Actor: Homemade violette Horchata

Featuring: Pineapple purée & lime
Tasting Note: Smooth, sweet and silky 



50 Shades Of Grapes 

“Why don’t you like to be touched?”

“Because I’m 50 shades of Fucked-up, Anastasia”
Director: Metaxa Brandy 

Main Actor: Grape juice
Featuring: Malic acid, Riesling, balsamic vinegar

Tasting Note: Fruity and fresh 



“I am Groot!” 

Director: Whiskey
Main Actor: Rakomelo root
Featuring: Ginger honey syrup & CBD

Tasting Note: Spiced, herbal and sour 


Pecan Blinder 

“This place is under new management,

by order of the Peaky Blinders” 

Director: Mezcal infused rosemary
Main Actor: Homemade pecan nut jam

Featuring: Vermouth, coconut, angostura and maple 

Tasting Note: Nutty, smoky and silky 


Rocket Man For Two 

“Out there is the real world,
and here is the dream”

Director: Ron de Jeremy
Main Actor: Rhubarb
Featuring: Raspberries, rosemary, rocket and rose lemonade
Tasting Note: Refreshing, fruity and sweet 


Captain Barbosa 

“Why is the rum always gone?” 

Director: Saffron Gin
Main Actor: Aperol
Featuring: Raspberry purée, lime & apple Tasting Note: Fruity, spiced and silky 



“Mankind was born on earth but was never meant to die here” 

Director: Vodka
Main Actor: Kiwi and sage syrup Featuring: Orange curacao & Yuzu purée,

Tasting Note: Fruity with a hearty hint 



“People just need to change the way they look at things”
Director: Tatratea and Mirto
Main Actor: Blueberry 

Featuring: Lime & lavender foam

Tasting Note: Berries, herbal and sweet 


Harvey Dent 

“ You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Director: Rum
Main Actor: Banana purée 

Featuring: Dry vermouth, Crème de cacao & apple

Tasting Note: Fruity, silky, spiced and coffee 


Comfort Zone 

“We are who we are in this world” 

Director: Southern Comfort
Main Actors: Disaronno and Saint Germain

Featuring: Apples, cinnamon & fresh lime Tasting Note: Spiced, sweet and smooth 


Modern Ceremonial 

“There is life in every breath” 

Director: Vodka and Gin
Main actors: Matcha coconut milk

Featuring: Lime & spiced syrup Tasting note: Dry, Hearty and Creamy 


Cold Night In Manhattan 

“As far back as I can remember,
I always wanted to be a gangster”

Director: Rye whiskey
Main Actor: Vermouth and Amaro’s blend

Featuring: Cardamom bitters & gingerbread syrup

Tasting Note: Warming and spiced 



The Spirited story started just over 6 years ago back 2014 through our beautifully converted horse trailer bars travelling the length of the country showcasing craft alcohol and championing start up brands. 


Our founder and director Elliot Harris had a core belief that championing local brands was essential to the growth of the local craft market and that is an attribute that has stuck with the core ethos of the company ever since. 


Over the years, our fleet of horse trailer bars has been attending events far and wide ranging from national stadium event days right through to large corporate events showcasing the great products our local breweries and vineyards have to offer and we aim to share this excitement with you!


Progressing on from our earlier stages, The Spirited team has grown substantially and with that so have our ideas! we believe it is crucial to keep evolving as a team and this has led us into changing the cocktail scene with our exciting new ingredients for everyone to try and enjoy! 


On top of serving fantastic cocktails, The spirited team also recognises how important it is to be able to give something back. That is why we have been supporting many local charities and trying to do our bit for the local community by providing free cocktail masterclasses and workshop giveaways. We as a company understand how lucky we are to be in the position we find ourselves in and will always use our platform to help others and support the local environment!     

The Spirited aims to provide a cosy, relaxed atmosphere for all of our customers whilst showcasing fantastic infusions for all to admire. Our warm, family orientated approach is represented in our choice of products which all come from local, hard working breweries and stunning British vineyards. We certainly have something for everyone’s taste.